Ode To Joy!

Ode by the barn


When we decided to move to New Hampshire we knew we would one day have a horse. Having both grown up with horses it was one of those things that was just going to happen. Of course, ‘one day’ ended up coming sooner than we thought it would, but much like a pile of old baby dolls, you just don’t pass up a good horse when you find it.

We went and met Ode and his wonderful owner Sherry at the end of July and after spending some time with them we knew that he was going to be an excellent fit for Bedlam Hollow. But first we needed a barn…



And fencing…which led to more poison ivy…


On August 6th, Ode finally arrived to bring that wonderful smell of horse to the farm. And to improve the view from the sun room…


Ode is a 13 year old Percheron gelding. He’s 18 hands (for those unfamiliar with measuring horses, that means really big) but he’s a very sweet boy and a big fan of grass.

Ode first night

Ode already has many fans in the area so if you’re in our neighborhood please feel free to drop by and visit. Just remember to bring the carrots.





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