Five months ago today I married an amazing, wonderful man. A man who knows me better than anyone I’ve ever met. A man who loves me, adores me, and truly wants me for who I am. How do I know this? Baby doll heads.

baby dolls

That’s right. He knows me so well that even when I completely missed a pile of perfectly icky and broken baby dolls, he had my back and pointed them out. And took pictures! On top of that, my wonderful and amazing sister-in-law made a call and asked if I could go and collect the baby doll heads. Well, I’m pretty sure she asked about the full babies but she knew what I was really after.


Thank you to my husband and our family – I’m truly grateful to have you all and to be in the wonderful state of New Hampshire. And just remember – Halloween is right around the corner and you can never have enough baby doll heads!

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