We went to Plymouth today to buy shavings for the birds, a spray bottle (completely forgot to pick one up) and pieces to fix the sink. We were just tooling around on the back roads and came across a very nice turtle in the middle of our lane. Having heard my stories of rescuing snakes and turtles off the road, Tracy didn’t even blink when I yelled “turtle!” and he just pulled off the road. There was another car that turned around, too but I already was out of the truck with turtle in hand by the time they stopped.


He was quite shy to begin with but was soon trying to walk around the truck.



We decided to take him home since we have the pond, streams, woods, and fields on the property so we felt pretty sure whatever type of turtle he happened to be, he’d be happy. And far away from the road.


He sat this way, contemplating the pond, his life, or possibly sex with an ostrich, for over an hour. We finally just left him to his thoughts and when we went back about a half hour later he was gone.

After looking him up, it turns out that he’s a wood turtle. They like slow moving streams, fields, wooded areas, and sandy ground. We don’t really have sand but everything else is covered so hopefully he’s happy. And stays away from ostriches.

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