We’ve been living in the house for roughly six weeks now and considering how much of our property is made up of woods, it’s a little surprising that we haven’t had more four-legged visitors. Hoppers might disagree with us because the other night he was kept quite busy thumping out warnings to whatever it was that was pissing him off. Anyway, we were just talking this morning about how little wildlife (not counting little birds) we’ve seen. The turkeys haven’t been around for about a week and no deer since before that.

Well earlier today Javi Bad Dog started barking in the other room. I was in the office on the computer and as I often do I just told him to stop with the barking. I then happened to look out the window to see a deer walking by the garden (the little f*ker – like the cucumbers need any help dying). I went to the Florida room where Javi Bad Dog was staring intently out the window at not one, but two deer. I think we may be putting the fence up this weekend. (Sorry about the quality of the picture – my phone only zooms in so far.)


While the deer are a pain in the ass but not particularly exciting, I received this picture about an hour later (thanks Ray and Lauren!). This was actually taken a year ago but the fine marshmallow bear was in our front yard at the time. We have seen evidence of bears out by the blueberries as well so I’m sure we’ll see one or two eventually.

For now, we’ll be content with these questionable characters who have taken to begging at our door.

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